Shaving Accessories For Men

Shaving accessoriesFather’s Day is just around the corner and many people are considering mens shaving accessories as gift for that special person. Here are the top things every man needs in his shaving arsenal.

First, a classic shaving kit is a truly great gift. While most men tend to use basic disposable razors, an old fashioned shaving kit can be used or displayed. Classic shaving kits usually include a vintage-style razor, a stoneware mug for adding shaving cream or soap, and a shaving brush to apply the cream. Some of these kits also include a stainless steel or chrome stand for display or storage.

An electric trimmer is an important tool for every man to have. Some men have beards, goatees, mustaches, or sideburns that need constant trimming. These tools are great for these areas because they offer different attachments which range in size. These trimmers can also be used to trim up any excess hair in the ear or nose. They are small, lightweight and very easy to use. Plus, they work on battery and can be recharged quickly.

After shave balms, oils, and creams are excellent gifts for any man. Although some men prefer to have unscented versions, there are many brands on the market with different scents to match a favorite cologne. Some men prefer a classic aftershave splash but balms and creams offer a more innovative method of soothing the skin. Balms and creams feature a heavier consistency that can be applied easily so men have a tendency to prefer it’s feel.

Lastly, an electric razor is always a great gift. Some men do not have the time for an effective shave in the morning. Having an electric razor can be handy to bring along in the car during the commute to work. Most electric razors operate on batter power so they can be easily recharged. Men can grab the electric razor quickly and shave on their way to work. Electric razors vary in features and price so finding is easy because there is one for everyone.

Men who shave are always in need of replacement razors. Whether he is using a disposable razor or electric razor, the blades have to be replaced. It’s important to see what type is exactly used first, then order the appropriate replacements. There are many deals on line or in stores and they will make good options for mens shaving accessories gifts.

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for Father’s Day or any other holiday, mens shaving accessories are good ideas. Every man shaves so it’s a great option for the guy who has everything.

The 12 Most Inspiring Women on Pinterest


It is important to have a well rounded life, especially in the creativity stand point.  Fashion, trends, and new ideas are all around us and leading some of those trends and ideas are the women on this blog.  Reading through their pages gave me new ideas about how to utilize the clothes I already had and to show them on in a new light.  Not only that, they are inspirational and strong women who know how to make their voice heard while still being themselves.  I am so glad that Inspire My Life put this together because now not only am I following some more people that fit my likes, I am understanding how to make my voice heard from their influence.  read more…

Most Influential Pinners for Male Fashion found the most influential pinners for male fashion. Don’t get left behind. Start following and stay on trend. Check out the info graphic below!

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Groomsman Gifts

groomsmen-gifts-wedding-inspiration-boardAs a groom one of your sole responsibilities when planning your wedding will be choosing your groomsmen.  Your groomsmen are those male family and friends that you choose to stand up and support you during your wedding ceremony as well as in preparing for your future.  Recognize and appreciate those that will stand up with you during this important event in your life by choosing great groomsman gifts.  Here are just a few suggestions to choose from:

  • A quick and easy gift for your groomsmen is to choose coordinating ties, or choose a favorite team tie as a thank you gift.  Ties make great quick gifts, but to make the gift mean more consider pairing it with a great tie tack.
  • Cuff links can be a great groomsman gift than can be used during the ceremony as well as serve as a nice memento afterward.  You can choose from many different standard cuff link sets or you can make some that will serve as memorabilia with customized details.
  • Choose a fashionable or high end watch.  A watch of significant value can be a great gift for your groomsmen as it shows more thought and value in the relationship and thanks you have for them in standing up for you.
  • Another great gift that might be used long after your wedding is a nice shaving kit.  Shaving kits come in a variety of different options and can include many useful items.  Choose from kits that offer collections of shaving cream and after shave lotion or those that offer customized shaving soaps and brushes.  There are many options that will fit within your budget.
  • Choose from a selection of many different customized items.  From customized wine or beer glasses to customized money clips and pocket knives.  When choosing customized items consider what customization you want on the individual item as well as how useful the item will be for your groomsmen.  Some suggestions for customization include including your groomsmen’s’ names, the date of your wedding, or even the title of groomsmen.
  • If as a group you and your groomsmen have a camaraderie that includes humor you could also choose a more humorous or joking gift.  When choosing gag gifts for your groomsmen you need to also consider having additional items in the gift that represent your true appreciation for them and their willingness to stand up for you.

When choosing the perfect gift for your groomsman you should consider individual personalities and tastes as well as general gift items.  If you take the time to customize each gift it will have great meaning and sentimental value to the groomsman you are giving it to.  A groomsman gift is a great way of saying thank you to those who will share an important part of your wedding day.

Must Haves for a Bachelors Pad

house-of-the-yearHaving the ultimate bachelors pad comes down to buying the right appliances and other cool items. From outdoor grilling to indoor bars, a bachelor pad can truly rock if you follow some helpful tips below.


When it comes to summer activities that lag into winter and fall, nothing compares with grilling.  From that first warm day in spring until the Super Bowl, men can be found using grills in all kinds of weather even when it would seem to be too cold to grill.

There are so many kinds of grills now that the weather is really a secondary concern when it comes to making some good food for friends.  Smaller portable grills can be brought to football games where tailgating is an important activity.  Larger grills can be used for entertaining large groups of people.

To find the perfect grill for you, you are going to want to consider what kind of grilling you are going to do.  If you are going to entertain only a few people at a time, a smaller grill may be all that you need.  If you are going to grill different types of meats and vegetables, a grill with multilevel grilling capability may be best.  If you want to focus on flavor, you may choose a grill that uses old fashioned charcoal.  For speed and evenness of heat, you might choose a propane or gas grill.  For extra flavor, you might find a grill that allows you to use wood chips to add flavor to the grilled items.

Hot Tub

Buy yourself a large hot-tub and have some amazing parties. A good hot tub can even be used as a swimming pool on those hot summer days. It is best to hire professionals to install the hot tub, preventing leaks and serious problems. This will also provide you with a warranty, which can be helpful if your jets stop working.

Maintenance of the hot tub should be the easiest obstacle to overcome.  The owner of the hot tub needs to set a schedule when maintenance needs to happen.  Once the schedule is set, it needs to be stuck to.  It is much easier to keep things clean as you go than it is to face a huge cleaning project.


To top off your ultimate bachelors pad, install a cool bar. You will need to purchase a few different appliances from a fridge to an oven. However, one of the cool things to add is your own keg storage, wine rack, and plenty of cabinet storage for various supplies to make drinks. It is a smart idea to have a large sink installed and a dishwasher so you don’t have to take all your dishes back to the main kitchen in your home.

If you are dealing with any plumbing installation, like a new sink, hire professionals. You can find some great local information on plumbers and various services they provide.

Great Gifts for the Fashionable Man

Choosing a gift for a fashionable man may seem tricky at first, but understanding what makes a man fashionable can help you find just the right gift. A fashionable man takes pride in his appearance.  From the clothes he wears to the style of his hair he’ll make sure that all of the details are in place as he heads to the office every morning.  These details are what help you in making the right gift giving choices for a fashionable man:

  • Consider the gift of a shaving set or great shaving razor blade.  A fashionable man often enjoys a clean shaven look and a quality razor allows him to get the smoothest shave possible with the least irritation.  Quality razors are available from many leading brands as well as offer a variety of features including different number of blades, extra lubrication strips, and even vibration or power shaving.  Pair a great razor with a quality after shave and cologne for a complete and thoughtful gift.
  • Choose gift items that help him enhance his appearance.  From top to bottom a fashionable man is concerned about his appearance.  A gift of great shoes or even a shoe shine kit is a good idea for the man that is concerned about the little details.  A gift of a shoe shine kit allows him to ensure that even his footwear looks its best.
  • A quality leather briefcase or carrying case for his tablet is another easy choice for a gift idea.  Whether he uses a briefcase to transport important documents or has everything digitally stored on his tablet you’ll find there are many fine quality cases to choose from that are not only stylish but exude quality as well.
  • Clothing accessories such as fashionable ties also make great gifts.  In the world of business suits, ties are often the only variation in a man’s appearance from day to day.  Taking the time to choose a fashionable tie as well as one that expresses his individual personality is a great gift idea.
  • Another great gift idea that stands out for a fashionable man is a nice watch.  A quality, high-end watch can be a great accessory for that well dressed fashionable man.  You can even make this gift more significant by having a personal message engraved on the back.

When choosing gifts for that fashionable man in your life consider those items that are of most importance to him, and then choose gifts that will help to meet his individual needs the best.  Whether you choose a shaving kit, a tie, or even a new high end watch; the most important part when giving a gift is the thought and sentiment behind it.

Pick the Right Shoe

damaliger Adidas shop in Tokyo, Japan (descrip...

Too many times men wear the wrong shoe for their outfit. It is a problem for the majority of the male population and needs to be addressed. There are some things that just never should go together.

When wearing a dressy outfit (formal): Dress shoes are completely necessary. They also must match the color of your suit. You cannot wear brown shoes with a black suit, and vise verse. Just use the sense that your mother taught you, that will serve you well in the future. Do not, for any reason, wear sneakers or casual shoes.

When wearing dressy clothes (casual): When you are wearing a button-up and dress pants but you are not going to a formal event, then you can wear some more casual shoes. Sneakers or athletic shoes do not come into that category. Shoes that work for outfits like this are boating shoes, high-tops, and other such shoes.

When wearing jeans: Athletic shoes are still mildly unacceptable. It is preferable that you wear shoes that are both stylish and hip. You are not going for a run, you are making a statement.

When you are working out, then you can wear those pesky athletic shoes. But you cannot lace up those trainers a moment sooner. That is the biggest fashion flaw that is plaguing males today and if you can help it, please do. It is a simple change and will make all the difference.

Hitting the Beach in Style

After a long and stressful week, there is almost nothing as realizing as a trip to the beach. The white warm sand, the crashing waves, and the gentle breeze seem to be able to take any stress away. I absolutely love the beach and, given the chance, I would be there every day. Of course, any trip to the beach is a great trip, but there are some things that can make it an even more enjoyable get away. It is important to make sure that you have all of the essential items, including sunscreen, sunglasses, and maybe a book to read or music to listen. As you are enjoying your beach activities it is also great to make sure you wear something fashionable to hit the beach with style. Just because you want to wear something stylish, however, doesn’t mean you have to compromise on modesty. Finding a great swimsuit that is both attractive and modest in today’s world can be difficult and frustrating, but it is possible. Modest swimwear is available from many different places and it can still be fashionable and trendy.


When you wear a modest swimsuit to the beach you actually are able to have an even more relaxing time because you don’t have to be constantly checking or adjusting your clothing for modesty. When you have been stressed all day the last thing you want is to have to worry about whether or not your clothes are going to fall off. Once you have decided to wear a modest swimsuit, it still is difficult to find them. Most of society thinks that modest swimwear cannot be fashionable so they do not sell it as often. Down East Basics is a company that sells swimwear that is both modest and attractive so that you can enjoy your trip to the beach without feeling uncomfortable. They also have a good selection of other trendy things that you can bring to the beach like sandals, and beach towels. If you are looking for a place with modest and trendy clothes, Down East Basics is a great place to look.


So, when you head off to the beach this next time, make sure that you have yourself a modest and attractive swimsuit so that you can enjoy your trip even more. Wearing something modest and fashionable lets other people know that you are confident and you are up on the times. Even though finding something nice and modest can be difficult, they are out there and can be purchased from companies like Down East Basics. As you get something nice, you will be even more prepared to enjoy the warm sand and nice breeze of a day at the beach.

The Anatomy of a Tie – Fabric

There are several fabrics available for tie making.  Each of these fabrics and techniques come pros and cons.  Here you will learn how easy it is to find a quality tie with just these simple bits of information.

The two most common fabrics are probably silk and polyester.  Some ties are made of cotton, wool, and cashmere as well.  Aside from fabric you’ll find different textures due to how the tie is woven – plain, satin, or twill – and also due to whether or not the tie is knit.  Each of these different weaves looks different on each of the different fabrics as well.

Polyester is the cheapest fabric.  It is petroleum based and though more budget friendly it also won’t last as long. It traps odors and will not release them.  On the other hand it is stain and water resistant and you can find polyester ties in an abundance of fun prints.

Wool ties are a wonderful option for the winter.  They come in woven and knitted patterns.  Watch for the type of wool and weave used, because it will make a difference in the softness of the wool.  Wool and silk are sometimes combines to make a very unique fabric.

Cashmere is a very luxurious fabric.  It is more expensive than others because it is only produced in small amounts every year.  It is often combined with silk to give it a nicer drape.  Cashmere should be kept as a winter tie though, because cashmere is even warmer than wool is.

Silk ties are probably the best and most versatile option.  They are extremely classy and come in plain, satin, and twill weaves.  With a satin weave the tie will appear shiny on top and matte on the bottom.  The downside of a satin weave is that snags are fairly obvious because of the sheen of the fabric.  Because of this the life of a satin woven tie is shorter than one with a plain weave.  The class and luxury of the silk satin woven tie is worth the shorter lifetime though.  Silk ties can easily be worn year round, because the fabric is light and breathable.

Make sure that you try a tie before you buy it or be prepared to return several ties.  Not all silk is created equal.  Some fabrics are smoother than others.  If you get a super stiff tie it will be difficult to knot, so pay attention, so you know which ties to return.

A Silk Tie a Day Keeps the Jeans Away

As the world becomes less and less formal we are losing the joy of what formality brings.  Dressing up for prom, heading out for a night at a nice restaurant, enjoying a nice family dinner – all things that are quickly being replaced with casual Friday’s everyday of the week.

The formality of the workplace is being replaced with jeans.  Out with the men’s ties and in with polo tees.  Whatever happened to those ties anyway?  They represented so much good in the world.  Now the world is so casual.

What’s wrong with being casual?  Nothing really.  It has it’s time and place.  But dressing up is good for the soul.  It is a reminder that you have worth in this world – and not monetarily.  Dressing up can release your better qualities.

There is more to cool than skateboarding, BMXing, playing viedo games, and “stickin’ it to the man.”  Lots of men in suits do these things as well, but they are able to participate in careers that help to make them feel of even more worth and that support the world and people around them.

Why is the tie necessary?  Because ties aren’t just for fancy social events and court dates.  Ties are to spruce a man up and make him feel good.  Many an uptight man wears a tie, but only a confident, strong, dignified, and respectable man can make that tie look good.

When a man puts on a tie he shows that world that he’s out to conquer.  He can accomplish anything he sets his mind to and can do it well.  The joy and excitement over what a man does it what makes them “cool.”

In front of the board a man stands up wearing his brand new silk tie, that he picked out specially to fit his own style and personality, and then he takes out his pointer and starts talking away.  He shows that board that he knows what is what and he gets them excited about his plan.

In front of a huge audience a man stands up wearing his brand new silk tie, that he picked out specially to fit the day’s events, and then he watches as his beautiful bride walks toward him.  He smiles and says “I do” and shows the world that he’s willing to add the the joy of it all.

Whether he is stepping up to the altar, the board, or the pew, men’s ties can be reincorporated into our everyday lives.  We can bring back the small touches of formality that can have a huge impact on our lives.