One Stop Shop for Feather Lovers

FBFrom its modest local beginnings in the Garment District of New York City, to becoming internationally renowned and branching out to the Fashion District in Los Angeles, California, The Feather Place has become the go-to for lovers and wearers of feather products around the globe.

Offering options ranging from wholesale purchase of various feather products, to the unique and vibrant statement gift for that mother-in-law, best friend, daughter or sister, The Feather Place has a long history of bringing joy and color to its many happy customers. Whether its feather boas or headbands, ornaments or shawls, fringes or wings, there is a guaranteed perfect feather product for any searching feather enthusiast.

The Feather Place has cornered the feather product market by extending its reach to a vast array of industries, including bridal & lingerie, holiday, jewelry design, Decor and much more. It stands in elite contrast by offering exceptional help from a user-friendly, cleanly designed website that offers feather tips and techniques, do-it-yourself ideas for all things related to the soft fluffy stuff, and even helpful videos.

The Feather Place does not simply specialize in one type of feather. They garner satisfaction and respect world-wide for offering a plethora of feather options, even down to the physical condition of the individual feathers. The Feather Place offers everything from plumage duck feathers to damaged ostrich feathers, from silver or golden pheasant feathers to eye or plumage peacock feathers, even various sorts of goose, rooster, and guinea feathers are available to select from. Certainly where variety and options are highly valued, this company has truly gone above and beyond over the many years they have been putting smiles on satisfied faces.

For all that can be sought after in a brand– distinction, excellent service, attention to varied needs in the market, multiple product package options, as well as that fashion flair that is the eye candy of the world, The Feather place has managed to have it all, conquering their corner niche of the fashion world with expertise and colorful brilliance.

If there is a recommend for a lover of all things feather, there isn’t a reasonable choice other than to step into the world of The Feather Place. Everything is made easy, even free shipping offered on the website seals the deal for online bulk product purchases. There truly isn’t much of a question as to who reigns the world of feathers and fashion, The Feather Place is it.

4 Steps To Selling Your Own Brand Of Tshirts

tshirtsdesignContrary to popular belief, the process of setting up your own brand of T-shirts doesn’t have to cost you a large amount of capital. Due to the advent of the internet, you can actually set up and market your own brand of shirts for well under $300. Here are 4 steps to selling custom embroidered polo shirts clothing with a small amount of capital.

1) Find A Niche
Before you setup your own online shop, the first thing you need to do is to find a niche. When it comes to selecting a niche, it’s highly recommended that you focus on a niche with a subject matter of what you love. The best approach you should take pertaining to this, is to write down a list of all the hobbies that you love and select a niche from there. For example, if you love video games, one niche that you could focus on is gamers. Alternatively, if you love hunting, another niche you could focus on is gun rights activists. Once you have selected a niche, it’s time to find a graphic designer that will create the designs for the shirts.

2) Hire A Freelance Graphics Designer
While you may assume that you have to spend a few hundred dollars on a competent graphics designer, this isn’t necessarily true. Websites such as Odesk and Fiver have an abundance of freelancers, with various skillsets that create the designs for your shirts at an extremely affordable rate. One seller on fiver for example, can create a simple design for just $5 and up to $45 for a more complicated and detailed design.

3) Find A Supplier
Once you have found a reliable graphic designer, you need to find a supplier that allows you to create custom embroidered polo shirts clothing. Websites such as, give you the opportunity to upload your own design on blank T-shirts, or use their online tool to create the designs yourself. Once you have uploaded your design to a specific shirt, you will receive a direct link to that specific design. You can hyperlink that specific URL on a website that gives a preview of the shirts that you have, so that when they click the link, they will be directed to your storefront on Shirt Magic, who will ship the custom shirts for you, at no cost upfront.

4) Market Your T-shirts
No one will buy your shirts, if they aren’t aware of what you have to offer, therefore you need to market them. One of the most effective ways you can market them is by utilizing social media. By utilizing Facebook advertising for example, you can create and split test various advertisements that link directly to your store front. An excellent tool that you can use to focus your advertisements on highly targeted leads, before you make a purchase pertaining to Facebook advertising, is social leads freak.

Update Your Wardrobe With Affordable Accessories

fashion accessoriesEvery new season brings new trends and styles. Some people do have the luxury to be able to afford all of those new clothing and accessory items that come about and make for those top new looks of the season. however, the majority of people need to be budget conscious and get creative with the wardrobe they have on hand and add just a few key things to create some new outfits and looks. This is where the use of affordable accessories truly comes in to play as the right mix of items with an outfit from last year breathes new life in to that outfit and truly makes it look new and fabulous.

The top way to really make any wardrobe look and feel updated is through accessory items, These cost less in general than clothes and they make a big statement as they are highly visible and that means you can add those to any outfit for that punch and pop of newness. In fact, adding a stylish pair of shoes to jeans and a basic tee plus a great clutch and bangle bracelets turns the outfit from basic and simple to stylish and stunning. It are those little additions to outfits that make a statement and that is how some of the best dressed women out there make sure they have an on point look all the time.

The affordable accessory items out there tend to be right in line with current trends and thus they are affordable. one can buy multiple accessory items for the cost of one new pair of pants, jeans or top. That allows for many outfit combinations to be created. The key is to buy the accessory items that pair up well with what is already on hand and thus one can then create these new and amazing looks with only a few simple additions. Whether shoes, purses, hair accessories, scarves or jewelery; those little extra special touches are what catches everyone’s eye and draws attention to you and your fabulous sense of style.

In fact, one can save even more by shopping at not just for affordable accessories but also combing that with sales and discounts by using 6pm coupon codes 2014 to make those items even less costly. That means you can get even more for your money and really take everything you already own and add those extra accessories to update all of the pieces in your wardrobe and look as if you invested in a whole new wardrobe.

Where To Find Clothes For Work

womens_professional_clothesWomen need to make sure that they dress professional when they are going to work. Part of their job is to represent their company, and that means with the clothing that they wear. They need to present a good image when they are working for any corporation, so they will want to get clothing that will allow them to look great. 

Downeast Modest Clothing Is A Great Place To Shop For Clothing For Work

The Downeast modest clothing pieces are made specifically for women to wear to work. They will find that they will look respectable in a variety of great pieces of clothing that are offered by the company. Since they will want to build up their wardrobe, they will be able to do this when they shop with this company.

Having A Good Wardrobe Is Important When A Woman Needs To Dress For Work

Many women have a wardrobe that is packed with things that they can wear to work on any given day. Then, there are other women that don’t have many outfits that they can wear that will command respect and allow them to represent their company in a favorable way. If they don’t have a good wardrobe, they need to get one as soon as they can. They will want to have the basic pieces so they can mix and match to have a wide variety of outfits to wear.

Great Selection Of Blouses

All women should have a variety of blouses in her closet. They should fit her well, and there should be several different colors so that she can wear them with different outfits.

Several Blazers Are A Necessity

Women should have several blazers or suit coats that she can wear. There should be at least four different colored ones that fit her well.

A Woman Should Have Plenty Of Skirts

Skirts are an important part of the women’s wardrobe. These will make her look respectful, and she can mix and match them with her blouses and blazers.

Pants Are A Must

She should have several pairs of slacks that look great on her. These can also be mixed and matched with the blouses and blazers.

Lots Of Different Styles Of Shoes Will Work Wonders

Having a great selection of shoes will help women to dress great for work. They need to have them in all different in heal lengths, colors and styles. Other accessories should also be paid attention to, like scarves and jewelry.

When a woman concentrates on having a great wardrobe, she will be able to pick from several different outfits to wear to work. She will present a great image, and she will be able to represent the company in a positive light.

Tips on Finding a Dress for an LDS Mission

Tips on Finding a Dress for an LDS MissionA mission is an incredibly exciting and important time for any young LDS woman. Going to another country to help spread the word of your faith and improve the citizens’ quality of life is a huge and life-changing experience. For many LDS women, this milestone will entail shopping for new sister missionary dresses. To ensure that you find the perfect dress for your mission trip, here on some tips on finding a dress for an LDS mission.

Consider The Climate – One of the most important things to consider when finding a dress for an LDS mission is the climate and temperature of where you are going. If you are going to a hot or tropical climate, it is crucial that you find a dress that is made of a light and airy fabric and won’t weight you down. However, if you’re visiting a colder climate, look for heavier fabrics that will provide sufficient warmth.

Consider The Culture – Remember, what you consider to be modest might not be considered modest where you are going. For example, many LDS women love to express their fashion style through bright colors and fun fabric patterns. In American, Canadian and UK society, it is perfectly acceptable for LDS women to experiment with color and fun fabrics. However, in some parts of the word, these bold or loud colors may be considered uncouth. Familiarize yourself with what is considered appropriate in the region where you’ll be living.

Stay Modest – Remember, it’s important to stay modest, even if you’re going to a location where women frequently and normally show skin. It isn’t your purpose to blend into the culture, but rather to stand out as someone who people can look to for inspiration and modesty. If you find a dress but worry that it isn’t modest enough, go with your gut and find a different dress. It’s always better to air on the side of caution when it comes to dressing modestly on your mission trip.

It’s important to ensure that you have the right clothes packed. In addition to your dress, be sure to pack extra sweaters, in case it becomes too cold or you need to feel a little extra covered up. Be mindful of other surprises that you might face as well. If you are going to a place where the climate might be muddy, be sure to pack a sturdy pair of boots. You’ll be thankful that you took the time to remember to pack these little extras once you arrive at your mission.

A Man’s Closet: 5 Tips to Spruce Up Your Wardrobe

A Man's Closet 5 Tips to Spruce Up Your Wardrobe pic

There are so many fashion tips and suggestions from people all over the place on how women can buy the right clothes and look “in”. But how do men really spruce up their wardrobes? Here are 5 tips on how you can expand your closet.



Massive Inventory


Go through all of the clothes in your closet. Separate what is good and what needs to be either thrown away or altered. It can be cheaper to mend or tailor clothes than to go out and buy all new outfits. So if you just need an adjustment on the pants or some mending done on a shirt, find a local tailor to alter your outfits so that they’re better than ever. Even polishing worn shoes and replacing the shoelaces can make a huge difference. Throw out anything you definitely don’t want or can’t use anymore.



Build Up Your Core


Now that you can see what you have, you can also see what you need. Is there a shortage of pants? Do you only have 2 nice shirts? Figure out what you need in casual and formal wear and everything in between. Don’t forget to look at the styles and colors that you have. Is every shirt in your closet a polo? Do you happen to be missing some major colors that look good on you? Add in whatever is missing.



Add Personal Style


Whether you go shopping with a friend, a girlfriend or by yourself, stock up on the foundation of your wardrobe, while incorporating your own style. If you really like a certain style of shoes or some quirky color combinations, don’t let the oddity keep you from being who you are. But you can always ask some well-dressed friends to help you pick out some classy outfits that are still “You”.



Time for Accessories


Accessories aren’t just for women; you can use them to set yourself apart too. They can add style, color, and fullness to any outfit. Getting some real leather accessories, such as a wallet, a belt, hat, shoes or gloves can make your look a really classy one. Building up an inventory of watches and accessories really makes outfits pop and you’ll feel confident.



Be More Conscientious of Your Shopping


The important thing for building up a wardrobe that you’re going to use is to be aware of what you’re spending your money on. You don’t want to spend a lot of money on cheap clothes that you don’t really like, or to buy some of everything just because it’s “in”. It’s good to go for it and try something new, but do it it one outfit at a time, and always remain true to what you like.



The important thing about creating your wardrobe is to find that balance between buying what you know you like and taking risks. The ultimate closet of a fashionable man is full of outfits that look good, make him feel confident, and are absolutely him.


Best Fit Clothing the American Jeans

Best Fit Clothing the American JeansJeans are a true American classic. No other single clothing item defines American clothing like a pair of denim blue jeans made in the USA. Almost everyone has a pair or three from the youngest child to the frailest grandmother. Comfortable and hard-wearing, there is nothing like them.

Jeans were first made by two men in California during the Gold Rush. Levi Strauss came to San Francisco aiming to supply miners with tough and long lasting clothes. Strauss had the idea to offer two kinds of what he called ‘waist overalls’. One was made of a tan cotton cloth and the other was made of an indigo dyed fabric called denim. Jacob Davis also provided clothing to the miners. They complained that the trousers would rip at seams and pockets. He had the idea of adding copper rivets to the weak spots. Davis and Strauss collaborated and went on to create Levi Strauss & Co, the first jean company.

At first jeans were working class clothing. Men and women who worked factories and farms and mines loved their jeans. The most popular image was that of a cowboy in his jeans hard at work on the range. The trousers were not unisex. Man’s were made like jeans we know today but woman’s were made with the zipper at the left side of the hip. Up until the 1960’s they were loose fitting, shapeless garments; very much a pair of waist overalls.

In the 1950s James Dean thrust jeans into popular culture. In the 1960s they were acceptable and by the 1970s they were casual wear. During this time American jeans underwent a lot of stylistic changes. They went from one style and cut to the many we see today.

The 1950s saw the first slightly fitted jeans. They were more then just work wear. They were the iconic rebel’s pants and looked the part. Even so, it wasn’t till the sixties that jeans really started looking like we know them today. Hippies with fairly fitted jeans that flared out at the knee for the bell bottom look. By the seventies hipsters were shimming themselves into jeans so tight they sometimes needed help to button them closed. The eighties came with acid wash and pegged legs. By the nineties women had low rises flares and men had skater jeans and Hammer pants. The 2000s brought still more. We have jeggings, skinny jeans and dreaded ‘Mom jeans’ plus the older styles still in closets and on legs worldwide.

Jeans were once an American worker’s go-to wear. Now they are worn by all manner of people from all over the world. Yet they remain classically and forever American, made in the USA.

Which Accessories to Help You Look Great (ie: bags, shawls, etc.)

Prom Dresses

Once you find the perfect prom dresses you can begin to choose the right accessories to complete the picture.  When you begin to consider the many different accessories you can add to complement your dress, consider everything from head to toe.  Here are some of the accessories to help you look great:

  • Hair accessories.  Depending on the hairstyle you choose you can add optional accessories in the form of hairpins, ribbons, or jewelry items into your hairdo.  When choosing hair accessories choose those that are more understated and compliment or add to your look.
  • Jewelry.  There are various jewelry items you can wear to accessorize your prom dress.  Jewelry can include everything from a simple necklace to a set that includes both necklace and earrings.  Remember when choosing the right necklace you want to find one that flatters the neckline of your dress and is neither too long nor too short.  Other jewelry items you might consider include bracelets.  When choosing your jewelry options it is important to also consider whether you will have a wrist or traditional corsage.  The current trend has been to wear a wrist corsage in place of bracelets as an accessory.
  • Corsage.  The corsage should be considered part of the accessories you will wear with your dress.  You should be sure to communicate with your date what type and color of flowers will compliment your prom dress.
  • Shawl.  A shawl can be an important accessory if your prom is going to happen during cooler weather.  Don’t just throw on a jacket; take the time to consider what type of shawl or jacket will allow you to stay warm while still complimenting your dress.
  • Clutch or purse.  A clutch or a purse may be a necessity to take with you to prom, but you can also make it a stylish accessory by choosing one that will match with the other accessories you are planning to wear.  Your clutch can serve as an added splash of color or can be a more subtle accessory.
  • Shoes.  Don’t forget the shoes.  Probably the most important accessory, choosing the right shoes is all about comfort as well as style.  The right shoes will compliment your dress as well as allow you to freely more around.  From ballet slippers to strappy sandals or a pair of heels you will find there are many different options when it comes to choosing the perfect pair of shoes.

From head to toe every accessory you add can add to the formality of your ensemble or make it for more relaxed.  Choose individual accessory items that complement and don’t distract from your dress.  You also want to make sure that the accessories you choose are necessary and appropriate.  Accessories serve the purpose of completing your outfit and making it more finished or polished.

Awesome Jackets

Awesome Jackets for Men to Shine

Men are not women. Isn’t that the statement of the year, but one thing that this particular statement entails is that women have the opportunity to stand out a little more than men. There are just certain things that men cannot usually pull off. There are certain accessories and things of that sort, but a jacket is something that could act like an accessory for the stylish man.

Awesome JacketsHow can you make sure that the jacket will accentuate you the correct way? There is actually a lot to consider when you are searching for an awesome jacket. One thing you should think about is color. Not all colors are created the same. Some colors look better on certain skin types and some colors look better on others. If you love stripes but don’t want to look overweight, then you need to get vertical stripes rather than horizontal.

Another thing to consider when purchasing jackets for men is your size. Your exact size can really make a difference. Jackets for men are not all created the same. Some will fit you better than others. If you have broad shoulders and you get a jacket that has broad shoulders built-in, it just won’t look as appealing. Broad shoulder jackets look best on men with shoulders that drop like a triangle. Fitted jackets have a sexy appeal to them which will certainly impress more than just the ladies. It might even impress you; catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror. To fit your jacket, you probably need to make sure you know your waist size, your arm length and your shoulder length; all this matters. When you get everything to fit perfectly, you probably will look like a million dollars. You might feel like walking to a beat as if the world was stopping just to check out your stride in your brand new and awesome jacket.

Another thing to consider is cleaning. As cool as something may seem, you have to think about how much you are willing to spend. Some jackets can only be washed at a dry cleaners, and everyone knows those places can be a little expensive. If you find an awesome jacket, it probably will be worth the effort though. There are other little things to consider though. Are you the kind of man who likes your sleeves to be just a tad bit over your hands? That gives you a bit of an edgy and cool look. If you prefer a traditional and sleek look, make sure the sleeves land flush on your wrist. Are you the kind of man that loves their jackets to be a bit long. Perhaps you like something that borders a coat, or are you into short jackets? Consider all of this, and you will be wearing one of those awesome jackets. You will wear the kind of jacket that will transform you into super-you.

Why Onesies Aren’t Just For Kids Anymore

onesiesIf you think onesies are just for infants, think again! The most cute and comfortable piece of clothing ever has been upsized, and now people of all ages can enjoy the warm, cuddly feeling of being wrapped up in a onesie. No longer do you have to reminisce about times where you felt “snug as a bug in a rug” – now you can be that bug, or that hamster, or even a koala! There are plenty of reasons why you should pick up an adult onesie for yourself – here are our top five.

Onesies are the Ultimate in Comfort Wear

Made from snug fleece, onesies are like wearing a hug – they make you feel warm and pampered from head to toe. Many onesies come with fitted wrists and ankles to help you move around, but they also feature oversized hoods and bottoms to keep you feeling bundled up at all times. When those winter months hit, you’re going to want to don your onesie for warmth – so curl up by the fireplace, stay toasty warm and look cute doing it.

Onesies are as Unique as You Are

Onesies have truly taken off – they now come in such a huge variety of colours, shapes and sizes. You might have trouble picking which one suits you best! Whether you’re interested in a nice conservative blue or an outrageous orange or pink, choose a onesie that suits your personality and you’ll feel comfortable inside and out.

Onesies are Perfect for Costume Parties

Save money on renting costumes every time Halloween or costume party season rolls around by turning up in something that’s already yours – your onesie! For the perfect theme outfit, choose a character and turn up with your catchphrases perfected. This Pokemon onesie is perfect for a cartoon-themed party, and no one will be mad if you turn up as an Angry Bird! For Halloween, try showing up as a scary skeleton or a precious panda.

Onesies are Fun for the Whole Family

Kids love to dress up, and when mum and dad decide to join in, barrels of fun can be had. Try going on safari with the kids with the elephant and lion onesie, or head for the water as a family of penguins!

Onesies Make Life More Fun!

Whoever said life is supposed to be serious has not spent any time in a big, fluffy onesie. Too often we adults get caught up in the rat race, and sometimes we need to relax, have fun and remember what it was like to be a carefree kid. Wearing a onesie is the perfect method of escapism from the real world, if only for a short while.

Whether you’re looking for a costume idea, some fun to have with the kids or even just something comfy and cosy to wear around the house, onesies are perfect. The hardest part is picking which one you like best. What’s your favourite?