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One Stop Shop for Feather Lovers

FBFrom its modest local beginnings in the Garment District of New York City, to becoming internationally renowned and branching out to the Fashion District in Los Angeles, California, The Feather Place has become the go-to for lovers and wearers of feather products around the globe.

Offering options ranging from wholesale purchase of various feather products, to the unique and vibrant statement gift for that mother-in-law, best friend, daughter or sister, The Feather Place has a long history of bringing joy and color to its many happy customers. Whether its feather boas or headbands, ornaments or shawls, fringes or wings, there is a guaranteed perfect feather product for any searching feather enthusiast.

The Feather Place has cornered the feather product market by extending its reach to a vast array of industries, including bridal & lingerie, holiday, jewelry design, Decor and much more. It stands in elite contrast by offering exceptional help from a user-friendly, cleanly designed website that offers feather tips and techniques, do-it-yourself ideas for all things related to the soft fluffy stuff, and even helpful videos.

The Feather Place does not simply specialize in one type of feather. They garner satisfaction and respect world-wide for offering a plethora of feather options, even down to the physical condition of the individual feathers. The Feather Place offers everything from plumage duck feathers to damaged ostrich feathers, from silver or golden pheasant feathers to eye or plumage peacock feathers, even various sorts of goose, rooster, and guinea feathers are available to select from. Certainly where variety and options are highly valued, this company has truly gone above and beyond over the many years they have been putting smiles on satisfied faces.

For all that can be sought after in a brand– distinction, excellent service, attention to varied needs in the market, multiple product package options, as well as that fashion flair that is the eye candy of the world, The Feather place has managed to have it all, conquering their corner niche of the fashion world with expertise and colorful brilliance.

If there is a recommend for a lover of all things feather, there isn’t a reasonable choice other than to step into the world of The Feather Place. Everything is made easy, even free shipping offered on the website seals the deal for online bulk product purchases. There truly isn’t much of a question as to who reigns the world of feathers and fashion, The Feather Place is it.